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Predictive Oracle Upgrades with Object Analyzer Tool


Seertree helps you upgrade from different Solutions implemented in your organization

  1. Upgrade Specialist
  • Financials, SCM, HCM, EAM and Manufacturing
  • 100% Project Success rate
  • Adapt to all server environments (Solaris, RHEL, IBM AIX POWER etc)
  1. Deep Understanding of R12 Technology Changes
  • Smooth Application Upgrade
  • Migration of Custom Objects.
  • Quick and Error-free Project Approach
  1. Project Implementation Methodology
  • Oracle ABF Methodology
  • #Strong Project Management
  • Deliverables on time during project life cycle.
  1. Expert Functional Analysis
  • Replacing Customizations with R12 New Functionalities
  • Adding new enhanced features
  • Upgrade Model Evaluation
  • Suggestion for Top-up modules to further smoothen the business
  1. Multiple Delivery Models
  • Upgrade the existing environment
  • Installation of new environment and migration