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Operational Intelligence


Cloud computing meets business intelligence meets hosting

Business intelligence is about delivering the actionable insights to the right people at the right time, and cloud computing provides an agile way to access business applications.

SEERTREE firmly believes that hosted Business Intelligence & Performance Management solutions will disrupt the age old practice of on premise BI solutions. We believe that in current BI initiatives too much effort, time and money is spent in setting up and maintaining the environments, while focus should be on data definition, data modeling, user requirements, data quality and analysis of information.

SEERTREE is early adopter of hosted BI strategy and is proud to host BI solutions that are plug and play for existing Oracle R12 customers. The solution comes with over 50 pre-configured reports and dashboards. To top it all the solution is absolutely free to adopt and implement. You only pay for any additional reports / dashboards that you wish to develop and get deployed in the hosted application. The beauty of our hosted BI applications is that they are accessible on multiple devices and web browsers.

Hosted, on demand Business Intelligence & Performance Management solutions take away the hurdle of :

  • Selecting the right hardware
  • Investing in the right hardware
  • Selecting & investing in the right Operating System
  • Selecting & investing in the right Database Management System (RDBMS)
  • Installation of OS & RDBMS software
  • Installation of the BI or CPM software
  • Configuration of the BI or CPM software
  • Integration with OS & RDBMS
  • Security setup and maintenance
  • Performance monitoring & tuning
  • Support for keeping the systems “running”
  • Patching of software
  • Upgrading & migration of software & content

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