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Oracle EBS Rollouts and Implementations


Seertree’s Application Roll-Out Methodology approach will take advantage of any documentation/design/build effort you have already invested as part of previous implementations for other Geographies. The methodology focuses on incremental requirements and local variations to quickly configure a pilot instance and progress through the testing phases of the project. Detailed below are the various phases of the plan and key activities under each of the phases

Local Project Preparation

The local project preparation phase begins with the project management performing all the proper planning of all key milestones, tasks and deliverables, resource assignment, and providing a solid work plan for the implementation.

Local Variations

Seertree will conduct focused workshops to gather business requirements and to drive key system design decisions for modules in scope. The existing Global template business flows will be used to visualize key processes and serve as the basis for gathering information and defining business scenarios during the discovery sessions. Special breakout sessions will be held to address any cross-functional areas that are identified.

Configuration Management

This phase will involve configuration of new ledgers, legal entities, operating units and sub ledger setups. Seertree has several tools that will crunch the time it takes to configure a new entity like

  • Responsibilities and Users Migration Tool: A simple tool that can replicate the entire SOD matrix into responsibilities, create users and assign the responsibilities to users
  • Profile Options Manager: Tool that is capable of assigning key profile options to multiple responsibilities in one go
  • Setup Replicator: A tool that replicates a new OU level setups based on an existing OU


The Develop Phase of the project seeks to further test and refine the solution as well as complete the development of approved technical components for the project (e.g., reports, interfaces, conversions, enhancements, and workflow).

Test Management

This phase will include the entire gamut of unit testing, SIT and UAT to ensure the applications is configured and working as required

Production Setup, Review, Go-Live

Upon signoff of UAT, Seertree along with client IT team will prepare to migrate all configurations and technical development into the targeted Production environment. Prior to executing the final conversion and cutover steps, a “Readiness Assessment” to verify that all organizations, systems, and personnel are ready for the migration is completed and presented to the Steering Committee for final approval to move forward.