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Oracle ERP Cloud

Leveraging Oracle Cloud Applications to boost your business’ growth

Companies operating in a decentralized manner. Businesses updating their infrastructure on-site through laborious processes. Although these experiences may seem foreign to many companies today, almost one decade ago they were the reality for most organizations in the world. Today, we are operating in a radically different digital environment. As emerging technology and digital applications continue to expand and grow, businesses no longer have to rely on outdated and inefficient processes and legacy systems.

Cloud computing has been a critical component of this digital transformation. Cloud computing allows individuals and organizations to directly access and manage computer system resources, including data storage and computing power, on demand via the internet. As companies have begun exploring how to modernize their operations, cloud-based enterprise software services have emerged as a transformative element. Oracle Cloud Applications is an excellent example of a series of programs that have helped boost the growth of numerous companies and allowed them to move into the 21st century.

Oracle Cloud Applications features a number of unique applications that are designed to boost productivity, reliability, and effectiveness. These include:

  • ✓  Oracle EFP–Financials Cloud (allows clients to establish a robust back-office financial hub using top-tier mobile and analytics technologies)
  • ✓  Oracle SCM and Manufacturing Cloud (boosts supply-chain innovation and decision making)
  • ✓  Oracle Analytics Cloud (combines BI, big data analytics, and embedded SaaS analytics)
  • ✓  Oracle Data Cloud (utilizes cross-channel data to inform and evaluate business decisions)
  • ✓  Oracle HCM Cloud (provides access to high quality human resources, talent management, and social solutions)
  • ✓  Oracle Customer Experience Cloud (augments customer service quality and reliability)
  • ✓  Oracle EPM Cloud (coordinates organizational operations and enables high performance)
  • ✓  Oracle Communications Security Shield Cloud (provides a 360-degree overview of communications traffic, verifies every call, and enforces policy-based mitigation)

Does all of this sound daunting? It doesn’t have to be.

At Seertree, we are here to help your company implement and use Oracle applications. We are an IT services provider company that specializes in the development, implementation, upgrading, and support of Oracle Cloud Applications, as well as Oracle EBS, Oracle Apex, Oracle Fusion Applications, and Oracle Database Administration.

Our team is composed of Oracle specialists who have extensive expertise and experience in this space. Our team members are trained as functional, technical, and DBA consultants, and have top-tier customer service skills. Have questions about a new feature or issue? Don’t worry. Our team members keep refining their skills and always stay on top of the most recent trends in this space.

When you work with Seertree, you will realize we are unlike any other IT services provider. We offer top-class customer service, around the clock. Whether you want assistance in addressing problems in the middle of the work day or on the weekend, we are here to support your needs.

In addition, we know that business transformations can be challenging and stressful. That is why we have designed our processes to be as simple as possible. Using our systems, work streams and customer engagements are easy to navigate. We are always open to feedback on how we can improve our client engagements on an individual level and at scale.

As a business that started small and made it big, we also recognize the need for businesses to conserve valuable resources and boost positive outcomes. This is why we don’t require our clients to sign long-term and complicated contracts. Rather, we offer our clients access to a flexible business model which allows clients to pay as they go for only the services they need. We understand that needs and capacities change. So, every month, you can expect to receive a monthly support summary from us, which will allow you to evaluate how you are allocating your time, money, and resources. If you think you need to make a shift, we will work with you to optimize your allocations.

Want to learn more?

If you are still on the fence about adopting and integrating Oracle Cloud Applications for your business, let us walk you through some of the benefits. Overall, organizations that use Oracle Cloud Applications are more efficient and adaptable and better suited to weather unforeseen circumstances and changes. In addition, these entities benefit from:

  •  Cost reduction: Because Oracle Cloud Applications operate on the Cloud, they enable businesses to radically cut down on costs, especially those related to hardware, maintenance, and IT.
  •  Adaptability: Every business operates in an industry that is constantly experiencing change and growth. With Oracle Cloud Applications, organizations are more nimble and flexible, allowing them to respond easily and quickly to shifts in customer demands, market conditions, and technology.
  •  Scalability: When you grow, your technology should grow, and vice versa. Oracle Cloud Applications are versatile and can be applicable to organizations of any size, sector, and nature. Each application has been tested in extreme scenarios in order to guarantee that they are scalable. You can therefore be sure that whenever you reach your apex, Oracle Cloud Applications will still be part of your organization.
  •  Security: The digital environment brings with it a number of potentials, but it also augments risks and security concerns. Oracle Cloud Applications rely on self-repairing systems on Oracle’s autonomous database. You can therefore rest assured that your data and systems are protected and secure.
  •  Accuracy and Reliability: Say goodbye to careless errors and unexplainable mistakes. Oracle’s automated business processes and unified data access means that organizations using Oracle Cloud Applications can noticeably decrease errors.

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