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About Us

Seertree started on a couch, not in a conference room. When we first launched, we were a small scrappy organization that could not even afford to hire the first ten candidates we interviewed for jobs. Working out of an office with no AC, no coffee machine, and just a few desks and computers, success seemed distant. Many often questioned what our founder, Shyam, was thinking. But, he had a vision and was dedicated to making it a reality.

Seertree team decided that if we could not find the talent we needed to make our organization grow, we would create it. We hired our first batch of engineers, fresh out of college and within months, we trained all 25 of them with the skills our company needed the most. Over the course of the next few years, these individuals helped us build the foundation of our company. After this, we were able to build up a solid client base, and expand our operations significantly.

Today, Seertree Global Services is one of the leading management consulting, accounting advisory, and technology services companies. We work with organizations and leaders that want to achieve sustainable growth and augment their bottom line. With our help, these organizations are able to operate more efficiently, better respond to their clients’ needs, lower their overhead costs, and focus on core competencies.

Our name reflects our core values and competencies. “Seer” is another word for a soothsayer or a predictor of the future and the word “tree” symbolizes growth and the power of giving. Our work and vision are rooted in the future. We are committed to working with organizations to help them embrace business and technology changes and be adaptable and ready for the future.