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API Banking


APIS are changing the way companies engage with the outside world. It lets them take advantage of their core service strengths and provides a model for innovation. As fintech startups continue to disrupt traditional financial services, banks are increasingly realizing that offering an open API, where developers can latch on and create very specific customized app solutions, is the way in future to engage and retain their customers. Banks and other financial institutions are sharing codes through application programming interfaces, of software gateways that allow applications to work together.

“APIs are a banks’ tool for survival and stay relevant in the ever-evolving digital world”

Among large US banks that have been making bits and pieces of their internally developed software available to outsiders are Citigroup, BBVA Compass, Bank of America and Capital one.

We at SEERTREE are keeping pace with the unprecedented innovations in the banking world and have mastered the technology to bring to you the power these open APIs. Using the pre-built integration models , you can build real-time integrations with your banking partner. API Banking allows you to access the bank’s transaction processing services from your ERP environment. You need not create any file or log in to corporate net banking, transactions can be triggered as API calls to bank’s system through secured system integration between Corporate Customer’s ERP and Bank.

  • Achieve Seamless integration with your banking system by introducing the ability to perform real-time payments from your ERP
  • Achieve hassle-free banking with no physical request for electronic bank statements or confirmations. The files are a click away
  • Improve your operational efficiency and financial planning with real time balance inquiry